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Ritzy Glitzy Wear was created out of necessity.  The necessity for "pretty" sports clothing!  But why stop there...the ideas became endless.  Soon, everything we  looked at;  we imagined in rhinestones!  Many times, we are asked if we think "it's too much bling"?  Well, "hello"...wrong question to ask the girls that imagine everything in bling !  That is why many of our designs use many colors and thousands...yes, thousands of rhinestones!  We are well known for our expansive and large designs and we take great pride in creating every single one...

We use only the finest quality Korean rhinestones for most of our commercial and sports designs; but we also create beautiful designs in the magnificent Swarovski Crystal!  Needless to say, they are a bit more pricey, but they are truly beautiful!  The reason we use the best rhinestones in the industry is because our reputation depends on it.  Have you ever bought a rhinestone tee or jeans at the store and after it's first wash, half are missing or the rhinestones are dull and cloudy?  Not good!  

Well, we promise you that your Ritzy Glitzy Wear will last for a very, very long time.  In fact, you will probably be asked if they are Swarovski Crystals and you will certainly be asked "where" you got your design!

We welcome your comments and look forward to working with you!  

To our customers that have worked with us for "years"..."THANK YOU".  We appreciate your business and love to make you "Sparkle"!!


Ritzy Glitzy Wear